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Just Some Links (Optic Reflex)

2012-01-14 18:52:26 by Chippix

Keep up to date with my tunes n shit ALL AROUND THE WEBS!


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twitter (i rlly dnt care for twitter, but here) :!/OpticReflex

i love ALL support and criticsm, whether negative or poisitve (as long as its constructive)
and any circulation is sooo appreciated

Just Some Links (Optic Reflex)

A fucking amazing song...

2011-04-14 23:06:46 by Chippix


It's nostalgic, happy, victorious, and many other things all at once. I wish I kid give the guy who made this a kajillion hugs. What do you think?

A fucking amazing song...

I just passed 1,750,000 + ft in Toss the Turtle :/
should i be happy, or disgusted?

Over 1,750,000 ft in Toss the Turtle

Chippix on 8bitcollective

2011-04-05 15:45:49 by Chippix

Check out more Chippix chiptunes on 8bitcollective ^_^
Chippix on 8bc